Can you create an effective will without seeking legal advice?

Estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich offers guidance to Arty, who wants to know if he can create a will without seeking legal advice.

Estate planning & wills

Lawyer Rod Cunich assists with your estate planning problems

Estate planning expert Rod Cunich helps YourLifeChoices members with their queries about wills, powers of attorney and difficulties relating to bequests.

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Should Colin bargain with his brothers on will?

Colin* has cared for his parents for years and has been promised recompense in their will. However, he is concerned that his brothers will contest their wishes. He asks Rod Cunich for guidance.


Should Barbara update will after her husband’s death?

Barbara’s husband recently passed away and she has made some financial changes. She asks estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich whether she needs to update her will.


How can Sisha protect her daughter’s inheritance?

Sisha is worried that new laws may mean shecan’t leave her share of the house to her daughter. She turns to Rod Cunich for help.

Legal & General

How to find an executor when family and friends are ruled out

YourLifeChoices member Sarah and her husband have no family in Australia and don’t wish to ask a friend to be an executor of their will. They have asked estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich for guidance.

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What happens when a will can’t be found?

YourLifeChoices member Dee says her father has died but that no will can be found. She asks estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich for guidance.

Seniors Finance

How best to plan for when ‘that’ day comes

Loes has an adult child with a disability and wants to start preparing for the day when she is no longer around to care for him. She asks estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich for guidance.

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Can Susie block an estranged child from contesting wills?

Does Susie need to lodge her will with a solicitor? And can she ensure an estranged child cannot contest the will? She asks estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich for guidance.

Legal & General

How best to prepare will to leave out an estranged child

David and his wife say they have tried unsuccessfully to reconnect with an estranged child but that it is time to review their will and leave them out. Rod Cunich offers guidance.


Rod Cunich answers your most-asked end-of-life questions

YourLifeChoices members send estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich dozens of email queries every month. Here are some of the most-asked questions and his responses.


How best to favour one child in will

Eddy has two adult children. One has done well in life and the other is struggling. He asks estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich about the ramifications if he leaves more in his will to the ‘struggler’.

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