Royal commission findings have already been decided by PM

Long-suffering Australians battered by banks’ unscrupulous practices are kidding themselves if they believe justice will be done.


Commonwealth Bank workers ‘missing’ super payments

One of Australia’s big four banks is under scrutiny for allegedly failing to make the correct superannuation contributions for employees at the lower end of the pay scale.


Malcolm Turnbull takes credit for ANZ interest rate cut

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is claiming credit for an ANZ credit card interest rate cut as evidence that his standing committee on economics is working.


Banks still getting away with bad behaviour, committee a “toothless tiger”

A Parliamentary committee led by Coalition MPs, previously referred to as “a friendly cup of tea and a chat”, has had strong words to say about big banks, but words are all it is.


ASIC report reveals dodgy dealings in finance sector

Amid calls for increased scrutiny of the finance sector, ASIC has released a shocking report revealing that over 200,000 Australians may have paid for advice they never received.


Labor gives the Coalition a lesson in politics

The Government lost three consecutive votes in the Lower House yesterday, as Labor outmanoeuvred the Coalition to ensure a debate on a royal commission into banking.


Domestic violence: Who is accountable?

When it comes to tackling domestic violence, who should the Government be trying to educate? This was the contentious question that arose during Monday night’s episode of Q&A.

Finance News

When will big banks pay?

Calls for a Royal Commission into the behaviour of our biggest banks have been reactivated in the wake of ASIC’s decision to sue Westpac for rigging bank rates.


YourLifeChoices hero of the week is Tim Minchin

YourLifeChoices is pleased to nominate performer and songwriter Tim Minchin as our hero of the week, for his incredibly cheeky and courageous recording of Come Home (Cardinal Pell).


Cardinal George Pell backs out of commission due to illness

Cardinal George Pell has called the media’s reports of him making up an illness to get out of appearing before an Australian child abuse commission “misleading and mischievous”.


Labor’s plans to beat union rorts

Ahead of the much-anticipated report from the Royal Commission, Labor has proposed plans to stop union corruption. But is it too little too late?


Dyson Heydon refuses to go

Trade union royal commissioner Dyson Heydon has rejected the ACTU’s application for recusal, finding claims against him were without foundation.

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