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Queen’s guard shoves tourist

Royal guards are as famous for being unflappable as they are for their ridiculous furry hats. Many a tourist has tried their hand at making a Beefeater chuckle and many have failed. Not this tourist.


Prince Philip retires

While the world waited with fear yesterday that something terrible had happened at Buckingham Palace, royal household staff were being told that 95-year-old Prince Philip would be retiring from public duties this August.


Royal lineage in doubt

Following DNA analysis of a skeleton found in a UK car park in 2012, it appears that the Queen’s right to the throne maybe in doubt. But how could that be?

Happy birthday Prince Harry

Often referred to as a larrikin, Prince Harry today turns 30 – Happy Birthday Harry. While he may have grown up into one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, we can't help but smile at these five cutest moments of him as a cheeky youngster.

Did SAS kill Diana?

Evidence has emerged which suggests that Diana’s death was the result of an SAS hit

Prince Harry snookered in Vegas

Partying up a storm in Las Vegas last weekend, Prince Harry, as with many other visitors to the gambling capital of the world, left a ‘loser’