Secure Access

Password managers explained: do you need one? Are they safe?

We know we are supposed to have passwords that should be changed regularly, but very few of us actually do it. Coming up with strong, varied passwords can be painful.


How scammers get access to email accounts and how to stop it

Research uncovers a specialised economy emerging around email account takeover.


Google alleged to have misled consumers about use of personal data

The ACCC has launched Federal Court proceedings against Google, alleging that the tech giant misled consumers to obtain their consent to use personal data.


How to spot online dating scams

Online dating can be a great way to meet that special someone, but it’s also a place for scammers to find their victims. Here are some red flags that might signal your new romantic interest is in fact a scam artist.


Reasons you might be on the phone with a fraudster

Have you received an offer that seems too good to refuse, or a request to donate to a good cause? Scams come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some tips to help you detect a phone scam.

Identity Theft

Tips to avoid sharing your personal information online

Some ways to limit your exposure include using ‘alternative facts’, using guest check-out options, and a burner email.

Secure Access

The best password managers of 2019

We’ve found five of the best password managers to help you keep your digital world secure.


How to remove your house from Google Street View

Privacy is becoming a thing of the past, but if you’re eager to reclaim some while you can, then removing your house from Google Street View is a good place to start.


How to tell if an email is real or a scam

Learning how to tell the difference between legitimate emails and scams could prevent you from being targeted.


Is PayPal safe?

Bobby is trying to buy a gift online, and isn’t sure whether PayPal, the only payment option offered, is safe. We explain the service and whether it’s safe to use.


Video tutorial: how to clear your internet browser history

Did you know that your internet browser keeps a detailed record of every website you visit? Find out how to delete your browser history and keep your browsing habits to yourself.


Five tips to protect online privacy

We all take the internet and social media for granted, unfortunately so do cyber criminals. These five tips will help to ensure that you and your friends stay safe online.

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