Finance News

The sale that stops a nation

Whether you’re looking to save a bundle by getting an early start to your Christmas shopping, or you want to book a last-minute getaway for a steal, you could score a bargain of a lifetime at Australia’s biggest online shopping event this year.


Key kitchen item now out of favour

If you are a fan of television cooking shows, you may have noticed that one popular kitchen item now rarely features. It’s the microwave.


Don’t fall for these rip-offs

Even moderately experienced and normally intelligent travellers have their weak moments. Here’s how to be alert to the danger signs and be prepared.


Where the wild savings are

If you’ve been yearning for some new Bonds undies, or maybe some slinky Sheridan sheets, shopping for them before the end of this month means you will be able to buy at half price.

Watchdog vs Energy Companies

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has taken legal action against three energy companies and companies which market them. The watchdog has alleged that the companies were carrying out ‘misleading and deceptive door-to-door practices’.

Who’d be a telemarketer?

Yesterday was the first time in months that I’ve opened the door and been greeted by a door-to-door salesperson. Maybe it’s just the area I live in, maybe I’m not home at the right time of day, but it seems to me that door-knockers are a dying breed. The girl (she can’t have been more than nineteen) launched desperately into her rave about the starving children in Africa, and I let her get it all out before explaining that I wasn’t going to sign up. She didn’t seem put out, or upset. She just smiled gratefully and said “Thanks for being so nice about it”.