Ireland votes for gay marriage

Ireland has voted in favour of gay marriage in a referendum at the weekend, and is now set to become the 19th country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage.

Shorten speaks up for equality

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten believes in God – and marriage equality.

Referendum on gay marriage?

Independent MP Tony Windsor has proposed a referendum on same-sex marriage

Rogue remarks cost Senator his job

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has been forced to resign after comments he made which linked the same-sex marriage debate to bestiality. His position on the Coalition frontbench as parliamentary secretary to Opposition Leader Tony became untenable after making one mistake too many.

Salvos backlash

The Salvation Army is under fire after declaring homosexuality as an “unacceptable urge”. This stance has triggered an angry backlash for the charity as supporters of gay rights are calling for a boycott of one of Australia’s best-known charities. Leading those calls is musician Darren Hayes, formerly of band Savage Garden, who tweeted yesterday that it was “Important for gay people to know the true position of the Salvation Army when considering who to donate to. Sad”.

Boycott seems fair

The Salvation Army has made headlines over its comments that homosexuality is an “unacceptable urge” and that it should be “restrained” with will power. Predictably this has raised the ire of gay advocates with some calling for a boycott of all Salvos fundraising. Calls for a boycott might seem extreme but I believe it’s totally understandable. Obviously people are free to support whichever charity they choose and if you are either gay or a supporter of gay rights, why would you now give your hard-earned to the Salvos?

Who cares?

It seems that everyday you pick up a newspaper or turn on the television, some celeb or high profile media player is ‘coming out.’ Well done them, but really, does anyone care? n nAs far as I’m aware being gay doesn’t stop you from doing your job. It doesn’t stop you from being a kind and compassionate person. It doesn’t make you more likely to become a criminal and swindle old ladies out of their life savings. So why do people feel the need to tell the world they are sleeping with someone of the same sex? n nPersonally, I have never felt the need to tell the world who I’m sleeping with, as I just don’t think anyone cares. But then again, I’m not a media personality and, as it’s only my husband, I can’t imagine it would make such a splash. But the media hound those who they suspect to be gay, forcing them to make a statement either denying or confirming what people had already suspected. n nFor as long as the discussion about same sex marriage rumbles on, we will have gay celebs who are only too happy to get their pictures in the paper and have their say about how they have the right to marry who they choose. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe they do, but I just don’t understand what all the hoo ha is about. n nAnd for every one ‘famous’ person who is happy to tell the world they are gay, there will be two or three more who believe their sexuality is their business. And it is. It’s not just the media who are calling for people to declare their sexuality. High profile Australians, who have already taken the leap to announce to the world they are gay, believe everyone should do as they have done. Indeed, retired high court judge Michael Kirby has today called for other high profile people to do as he has done. He has even hinted that he knows fellow high court judges who are also gay. Well done Michael for pointing the finger of suspicion at people who may be struggling to deal with their sexuality; they now also have to deal with the scrutiny of co-workers and the media. n nMen have sex with other men, women have sex with other women, that’s the world we live in and no amount of procrastinating about gay marriage laws is going to change that. But it will give those who are not attracted to the opposite sex the same basic human rights that all others enjoy. n nSurely it’s time to live and let live? n