10 simple water-saving tips

You’re not a ‘wally with water’ but you open those quarterly bills with trepidation. Are you doing everything possible to keep costs down? We reveal how you can cut your water bill.

Health News

How to save money with DIY beauty

Here are five fabulous potions and lotions mostly made with ingredients that you’ll have in your pantry or bathroom cabinet. Why not save some money and give DIY beauty products a go?


Tips to pay off debt and save money

A banking expert with more than 20 years’ experience reveals his tips to pay off your debts and save money.

Banking & Investment

Seven money secrets of the rich

How do the wealthy manage to hold on to their fortunes? These money secrets of the rich will hopefully provide you with the insight and inspiration to enable you to boost your bank balance.

Seniors Finance

Are you trapped by your spending?

How you spend your cash today is a good indicator of the potential money hiccups you will face in retirement, according to finance guru Jackson Millan, who also goes by the moniker ‘the Wealth Mentor’.

Seniors Finance

The reason why you can’t save

Wealth Mentor Jackson Millan has cross-referenced his categories of spending styles with the YLC retirement tribes, and reveals what is holding you back from saving more money.


Simple tips for big savings

If you’re retiree on a budget, finding extra cash can be a real challenge. But there are ways you can still save enough to treat yourself every now and then. Here are nine of them.


Tap into these water savings

You can probably save hundreds off your water bills with a few simple tweaks of your domestic habits.


This retail therapy will kill debt

Nearly 40 per cent of Australians stray from their shopping list and ‘impulse buy’ at the supermarket, a survey by MoneySmart found.


Money-saving gadgets

The well-known adage ‘you have to spend money to save money’ really does ring true when you consider this list of five gadgets that will save you money and, quite possibly, the planet.


Packing secrets to save you money

To some, they may be obvious but for the uninitiated, packing these five items the next time you travel will save you money – and we could all benefit from that!


How to supercharge your super savings

There are measures you can take to boost your superannuation in a bid to acquire a little more spending capacity when you hang up your hat.

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