Seniors Finance

Money: 25 ways you can save $25 per week

Saving money may not come so easy for many of us, and for others, it’s a matter of having it to save in the first place. But there are ways that everyone can save at least $25 per week.


How to save $2500 per year

Anne shares several simple tips, which if followed, can help you to save up to $2500 a year.


How to make better use of your hotel toiletries

Hotels often supply you with toiletries and other bits and bobs as part of your room fee. So, don’t just leave them there or take them home and stuff them in a drawer – put them to good use!


Batch cooking 101: a simple way to cut grocery costs

One of the simplest ways to cut your grocery bills and, as a bonus, reclaim some time during the week, is to start batch cooking.


Three high-tech ways to buy second-hand and save

Long gone are the days when the op shop was your only option. These days buying second-hand doesn’t mean second-class. Discover three high-tech ways to buy second-hand and save.

Banking & Investment

How to avoid paying any account fees

In 2017 Rachel won’t be paying a cent in account fees, and no, she hasn’t hidden all her money under her mattress. She just embraced the online banking revolution.


Australians set to be stung by rising petrol and power costs

A new deal between the world’s top oil-producing nations will mean the end of $1 per litre fuel, and some Australian residents will, next year, pay up $310 per year extra for energy.

Credit Cards

How to clear your credit card debt by the end of the year

With Christmas on its way, you may think adding to that debt is inevitable, but there are ways to do the opposite, and reduce it to zero, before the silly season comes.


Lamb: which are the best cheap cuts?

Although it can be expensive, lamb is a traditional Aussie favourite. Still, there are really good, cheaper cuts of lamb that, when properly prepared, often taste better than the more pricey cuts.


Four reasons why you’ll never get out of debt

Many of us may never escape debt because we spend irresponsibly, living beyond our means. Here are four habits to break if you want to be debt-free.


Australian banks are reporting increased levels of personal debt

Australian banks are reporting an increase in the number of Australians struggling to repay their debts. Could this cause an economic crash similar to what is being experienced in the US?


Beef: what are the best cheap cuts?

Here’s a secret most butchers won’t want you to know: the cheapest cuts of meat are often the tastiest, so long as you cook them the right way. Today, we look at the best cheap cuts of beef and how best to prepare them.

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