Superannuation: benefits for the ultra wealthy are ‘obscene’

When retired accountant Steve Elliot decided to examine the disparity between high-income earning retirees and the poor, he was shocked by what he found.


Superannuation – no escaping the share market link

Former federal treasurer Peter Costello has taken a shot at our superannuation system, suggesting governments need to focus more on where super is invested.

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Enjoy a frugal Christmas…

If you don’t have the cash to splash this Christmas or simply refuse to spend a fortune on just one day, our 10 tips for frugal festivities are fun.


Is your future being stolen?

New research released yesterday by industry super fund Cbus suggests that $44 billion could be lost to retirement savings over the next 10 years.

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Spring clean your finances

As with all things Spring, we look forward to new life and brighter days, so why not reap the rewards of breathing some life into your finances as well?

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How to make and stick to a budget

Budgeting can help you cut expenses, pay off debt and increase your wealth. While devising a budget is a big task, it’s definitely worth the effort.

Living in retirement

Retirement affordability suggestions

Based on the results from our Retirement Affordability survey, we know our members are a bunch of savvy spenders and savers. So, in what will be a four-part series of articles, we’ve chosen 20 of the best and simplest tips provided and offer ways in which they can be achieved.

Deeming rates for Age Pension

Is deeming rate cut on the cards?

News that the RBA has cut the cash rate to a record low of two per cent may have mortgage holders smiling, but the news is much less palatable for savers.


Aussies could save big on groceries

Australian shoppers could soon see significant savings to their weekly grocery shop, with inferences of an all-out price war between Coles and Woolworths.

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Pretend you make less and save

The recent RBA interest rate cut will see many living off of fixed incomes with a reduced rate of pay. We take a look at some ways to make up for the shortfall.


Rate cuts call for action

Many banks are cutting the rates offered on online savings accounts, so it pays to see if you can get a better rate elsewhere.

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Discount energy plans

Victorian seniors are being encouraged to take advantage of big savings now available on electricity and gas bills through the Victorian Seniors Card program.

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