Retirement Income

Government changes to 'supersize' retirement balances

The federal government's planned super guarantee increase could double the number of retirees enjoying a comfortable retirement, but who will foot the bill?

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Few Aussies prepared for an emergency, survey finds

Boomers lead the way in being best placed to handle the unexpected.


Keeping up appearances to make your car pay off

Care for your vehicle properly and its appearance could save you a lot of money down the road.

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Regulator to drive down electricity bills by up to nine per cent

Thousands of older Australians will find it more affordable to heat their home this winter, as a new price ceiling that's set to deliver $36 million in household savings kicks in from July.

Seniors Finance

Be a savvier saver with these nine tips

Whether you've had to smash your piggy bank, or are sitting on some cash, here's how to be a savvier saver.


Think you have enough to retire? Double it, says expert

Economist Hugh Giddy says Australians need twice as much as they think in retirement, in part because Reserve Bank policies are making it harder to save enough.

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Australians are missing out on $500 million in electricity savings

The price of electricity is falling, but households are missing out on $500 million in savings by failing to switch to cheaper deals, new analysis…


How to shop smart on a pension: The 15 items you should always buy generic

Your loyalty to big brands may be costing you big money. To save on your weekly shop, try adding these 15 products to your shopping list.


It’s time for Australia to be more energy efficient

Renters in Victoria soon won’t have to deal with dodgy heaters and insulation. Now other states must get energy-efficient. Alan Pears, RMIT University Renters will…

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Revealed: Who saves, who spends and how to join the savers

Whether you're a spender or a saver, these expert tips can help you give your finances a makeover.


Money-saving tips minimalists swear by

Minimalism could not only change your outlook on life but also help you keep more money in your pocket.

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Federal Energy Minister announces major energy bill overhaul

New draft guidelines announced by the Australian Energy Market Commission aim to make energy bills more user-friendly and provide increased protection for consumers.

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