Age Pension

Pension means test is effectively a ‘tax’ on older Australians

The heavy ‘tax’ imposed by the Coalition’s toughened Age Pension means test will adversely affect even those with average super balances, according to new research from Betashares.


What you told us about retirement affordability

YourLifeChoices members generously participate in numerous surveys each year. These yield valuable information about the state of retirement – the pressure points, the fears, the true essentials for a comfortable retirement.

Finance News

Government’s proposed cash ban could hit money-stashing pensioners

The government’s proposed cash ban is not a ploy to push you back into the bank’s clutches, says the RBA, which believes the government when it says the law is designed to fight the black economy.


How restaurants fool you into spending more than you should

It’s always nice to enjoy a night out at a restaurant, but little do many people know that restaurants employ some seriously tricky strategies to get you to spend more money than you really want to.


Coles and Woolworths fail the CHOICE Christmas Basket Challenge

As if Christmas wasn’t expensive enough, this year, according to the CHOICE Christmas Basket Challenge, the festive season will be even more costly than in previous years.

Finance News

Where to find huge discounts with major retailers

Whether you’re looking to save a bundle by getting an early start to your Christmas shopping, or you want to book a last-minute getaway for a steal, you could score a bargain of a lifetime at Australia’s biggest online shopping event this year.

Retirement Affordability Index

The missing link – how best to use the retirement nest egg

Accumulating retirement savings is just one part of the puzzle. Making sense of them and using them to maximum advantage is the next key challenge.

Finance News

Wasteful habits costing Aussies hundreds each year

Millions of Australians are wasting hundreds of dollars each year through wasteful energy habits, according to a new report.


Simple tips for smarter online shopping

It’s easy to shop online and, if you follow these tips, even simpler to stay safe when doing so.

Exclusive offer: big savings on Blue Planet II Live in Concert

YourLifeChoices members can now enjoy an exclusive 30 per cent discount on Premium and A Reserve tickets to Blue Planet II Live in Concert, coming to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this March.

Finance News

Are you loyal to your energy retailer? It could be costing you

Over-55s are more likely to have stayed loyal to their gas and electricity retailers – and have paid through the nose for that loyalty. So how can you break the loyalty trap and get the rates you deserve?


Five retirement income mistakes that could ruin your future

Here are the things to avoid if you want to make sure your retirement is successful.

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