How to tell if an email is real or a scam

Learning how to tell the difference between legitimate emails and scams could prevent you from being targeted.


Data breaches leak 1.9 billion email accounts

New research into black-market transactions has revealed 1.9 billion usernames and passwords are available for purchase online.


Banking customers urged not to fall for convincing new scam

Customers are being warned of a fake bank scam that advises Australians of ‘unsuccessful payments’, then prompts them to login to accounts where scammers steal important personal information.


74-year-old woman fleeced $46,000 in iTunes gift card scam

A 74-year-old woman was fleeced of $46,000 in an iTunes gift card scam, but would have lost much more if a switched-on shopkeeper hadn’t been suspicious and contacted police on her behalf.


How phishing scammers con their way to your ID

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), this year, older Australians have lost almost as much money to phishing scams as all other age groups combined.


Is your data safe with the ATO? Senate hearing reveals all

Yesterday a Senate estimates hearing in Canberra heard from senior tax office officials that up to 30 ATO staff had accessed taxpayers’ private data without authority.


Global cyberattack hits 200,000 Windows users

An unprecedented ransomware cyberattack that began in the early hours of Saturday morning has, by the end of the weekend, affected more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries.


Human Services scam: don’t get caught out

Catherine received a rather convincing email regarding qualification for a subsidy benefit. How can she tell if it’s a scam or if she’s missing a much-needed payment?


Qantas customers warned of fake email scam

Qantas customers are being urged to stay alert for an email phishing scam promising rewards of cash and frequent flyer points in exchange for participating in a survey.


Australians being caught out by fake parcel delivery scams

Australians who are waiting for online Christmas shopping deliveries are being warned of fake parcel delivery scams that are catching many eager mail recipients off guard.


Don’t fall foul to scammers

While some scams are easy to spot, there are others that can catch us unaware. So, what are the five things to look for that simply scream ‘scam’?


Scammers are using the Census to fleece people of their details

Callers claiming to be from the Australian Bureau of Statistics are using the Census to swindle personal information from unsuspecting Australians.

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