Telstra bill scam

YOURLifeChoices member Mike received a bill from Telstra with an incorrect account number. Drew explains how to identify if the bill is a scam.

Credit Cards

Slick credit card scam

Just when you thought you were across all the scams doing the rounds! Thanks to YOURLifeChoices member Cathy, who has highlighted this particularly slick scam for which you should be on the lookout.

Scams double for second year

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) yesterday released the 2011 Targeting Scams annual report. It showed that the number of scams in 2011 has doubled since 2010, and quadrupled since 2009.


Scam Update

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Tom has unfortunately fallen victim to a bold new online con whereby brazen scammers are contacting computer users in their homes, and encouraging them into a setting-up a direct banking debit with the promise of computer assistance.


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