Federal Budget 2017

Treasurer Scott Morrison’s Budget 2017/18 speech

Labelled ‘The Right Choices: Securing better days ahead’ with the subtitle of fairness, security and opportunity, listen to Treasurer Scott Morrison's Budget 2017/18 speech.

Federal Budget 2017

First home buyers to fast track savings using their super funds

Allowing first home buyers to use super as a vehicle to save faster for a deposit is one of two key strategies to take the sting out of housing affordability.

Federal Budget 2017

Scheme to encourage older Australians to downsize

Part of Scott Morrison’s housing affordability plan offers incentives for retirees to downsize. But seller beware.

Federal Budget 2017

Budget 2017-18: should we speculate to accumulate?

The concept of good debt and bad debt is not new but should the Treasurer Scott Morrison’s sudden passionate differentiation between the two have us worried?

Federal Budget

Five Budget 2017 no-brainers for Sco-Mo

YourLifeChoices Retirement Affordability research shows how difficult it is to make ends meet in retirement. Here’s what’s needed to address this in Budget 2017.

Federal Government

Treasurer refuses to disclose economic modelling on tax cuts

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison has refused to provide economic modelling on company tax cuts because, he says, it does not matter to people in the pub.


Labor offers superannuation compromise

Superannuation measures announced in Budget 2016/17 have been in limbo for months, so Labor has taken a big step forward by offering a compromise on proposed changes.


Superannuation: changes to appease Liberal Party dissent

As Malcolm Turnbull prepares to unveil his new look front bench, Treasurer Scott Morrison appears to be back-pedalling on the proposed superannuation changes.

Federal Election 2016

Election 2016: Coalition target welfare recipients

Treasurer Scott Morrison has revealed a revised budget bottom line $1.1 billion better off over four years than initially predicted due to an additional crackdown on welfare recipients.

Federal Budget 2016

Budget 2016/17: the goal posts have moved again

The break from the norm of ‘grandfathering’ changes may mean that any savvy retirement planning individuals have undertaken could now be blown out of the water.

Federal Budget 2016

Budget 2016/17: Scott Morrison on a fairer super system

Delivering a fairer superannuation system for older Australians is one of Treasurer Scott Morrison’s Budget 2016/17. Here’s why he thinks it’s so important.

Federal Budget 2016

Dear Mr Morrison, here’s what we want to see on 3 May

Dear Mr Morrison … We know it’s hard to keep in touch from the corridors of power so here’s what real Australians would like to see on Tuesday.

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