Secure Access

How to get around difficult two factor authentication issues

If you fear the hassle of 2FA, there is an easier way.


Far-right extremism in the spotlight at parliamentary inquiry

Alarming testimony before Parliament's intelligence and security committee from social media providers, security chiefs and politicians has exposed the risk of extreme right-wing terrorism in Australia.


Everything you need to know about voice recognition tech

Voice recognition technology is taking over, but is there anything to fear?


How to avoid being tracked online

The internet is most likely monitoring every move you make through your computer or device and, unless you know the tricks to avoid being tracked, there’s not a lot you can do about it.

Identity Theft

Safeguard your identity and lock out the scammers

Digital paranoia has spiked due to the coronavirus pandemic, but there are security measures available to safeguard your online safety.


Don’t let smart devices hijack your Christmas

Exercise caution when purchasing smart gifts this Christmas.

Safety Online

Five tips for not getting spied on when travelling

As much as we may like to think our phones and laptops are secure, they can’t stand up against state-funded hacking operations.

Safety Online

Hackers are now targeting councils and governments, threatening to leak citizen data

Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly complex, as hackers find creative ways to beat ordinary systems of defence.

Safety Online

What is ‘juice jacking’ and why should you worry about it?

Travellers are again being warned of the dangers of using USB charging devices at airports, shopping centres or anywhere they’re publicly available, as the charging ports may be loaded with malware and used to steal your information and money.

Secure Access

Should the facial recognition database cause you concern?

The Morrison government has been keen to introduce a new scheme that would allow government agencies, telcos and banks to use facial recognition technology.


Travel SOS: Gadgets to keep you safe when travelling

Being mugged or ripped off can turn any dream holiday into your worst nightmare. These five travel gadgets will help to keep your holiday safe and secure.

Finance News

Retirement savings vulnerable to cyber attacks, says InPayTech

Australia’s huge superannuation savings pool is vulnerable to cyber attacks, says payment technology company InPayTech, which is concerned about the security of your retirement savings and your identity.

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