Pension changes approved

The Government’s legislation to tighten pension eligibility was passed by the House of Representatives yesterday afternoon and also passed through the Senate last night.


PUP loses another senator

After less than a year in the Senate, the Palmer United Party (PUP) has lost another senator, with Glenn Lazarus announcing overnight on his Facebook page overnight that he would now look to continue in politics as an independent.


Law changes will damage privacy

New anti-terror laws expected to pass the senate this week will give ASIO powers to monitor the activity of anyone, anywhere at any time.


Children granted bridging visas

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has announced that some children and their families, currently being held in asylum seeker detention in Australia, will be released into the community.


The carbon tax is here to stay

The Senate yesterday voted to reject the carbon tax repeal.


Federal debt ceiling removed

A deal between the Coalition and the Greens will see the removal of the Federal Government’s debt ceiling.

Senate to be sticking point

What happens with the Senate vote may shape politics for the next three years.

First Aboriginal to become ALP federal MP

Aboriginal Olympic gold medallist Nova Peris is to become Labor’s first indigenous federal MP. She is set to replace veteran senator Trish Crossin as the ALP Northern Territory senator.

Boat people – have our leaders failed?

What kind of leaders have we got, who are prepared to go on a six-week break when this matter remains unresolved? How can they go home and pack their bags for a break in Europe or North America or China (call it a study tour if you wish) when there are genuine refugees dying on our doorstop?

Mining tax passes Senate

The mining tax will become a reality on 1 July 2012. The Government’s much-maligned vehicle for claiming back profits made by the mining magnates as part of Australia’s resources boom, passed the Senate last night by 38 votes to 32.

Point-scoring politics

Our federal politicians returned to Canberra this week to once again take their seats in the Senate and the House of Representatives. The week commenced with the traditional church service and then the gloves were off and the fight was on.

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