Summer Trifle

Spend some time in the kitchen and make this fruit-packed trifle. It is a delicious, guilt-free dessert which is always a family favourite.


Scrambled Eggs with Avo and Crispy Pancetta

Scrambled Eggs are a breakfast staple which provide you with enough energy and protein to keep you going throughout the day.


Green Mango Salad

This recipe for Green Mango Salad is a clean, healthy Asian-inspired meal. It only takes around 10 minutes to make and is a great meal to impress friends and family.

Cakes & Baking

Almond Biscotti

A beautiful Italian treat, this Almond Biscotti is perfect for a midday snack or a tasty accompaniment to tea and coffee.


Bubble and Squeak

Taken from the book, Don’t give me eggs that bounce, this recipe for Bubble and Squeak will leave you feeling full and satisfied.


Chicken Greek Salad

This Greek-inspired chicken salad is a warm weather winner for dinner. Quick and easy to serve, and it’s healthy and filling as well.

Cakes & Baking

Date and Coconut Slice

Our recipe for Date and Coconut Slice is the perfect, guilt-free snack for satisfying a sweet tooth – and making it is simple.


Mango Fruit Fool

So simple to make, Fruit Fool is a classic English dessert. Enjoy a taste of the tropics with this sublime recipe for Mango Fruit Fool.


Chocolate Hedgehog

We think our recipe for Chocolate Hedgehog is without a doubt the best, but why not try it for yourself? It’s a great slice to keep refrigerated and snack on during the week.


Prosciutto Wrapped Carrots

Don’t let your side dishes disappoint this summer, our recipe for Prosciutto Wrapped Carrots is the perfect accompaniment for any dinner.


Chicken, Pear and Blueberry Salad

A true summer salad, our Chicken Pear and Blueberry Salad has the delightful taste of crunchy pear and sweet blueberries.


Tzatziki Dip and Pita Chips

There is no need to serve store-bought dip anymore, with our recipe for Tzatziki Dip and Pita Chips. This dish is perfect for pre-dinner nibbles, weekend BBQs or an afternoon snack.

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