Cruising on a budget

Mary is keen to give cruising a go, but life keeps throwing financial curve balls that have put her dream on hold. We suggest cruising options that are both rejuvenating and affordable, and are a great way to give cruising a try.


Top five reasons to cruise

Cruise expert, Jo Hall recommends hitting the high seas on your next break. She offers the top five reasons you should consider a cruising holiday.

Travel Q&A

Best fares on Spirit

Getting to Tassie is easy, working out the best fare on the Spirit is not, but Kay O’Sullivan has some advice for Esther.

Cruising Tips

Cruising extras worth the money

Cruising is a cost-effective way to see many different destinations, but once you start adding on drinks and excursions, the cost can rapidly increase. So, what extras are worth the money?


Choosing shore excursions

In recent years, the high seas holiday experience has evolved on every level, including shore excursions and in some cases, what you do ashore is as important as the shipboard experience.


Cruise sale week

If you’re thinking of taking a cruise, book during Seniors Holiday Travel Club week long sale and receive extra on board credits.


UK cruise inc. Edinburgh Tattoo

Seniors Holiday Travel Club is organising an exciting way to visit the UK next year, incorporating a cruise and a trip to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

South America

South American Circumnavigation

Australians just love cruising and seniors love taking longer cruises, so it’s no wonder that the South American Circumnavigation cruise is so popular.

Cruise Deals

Save big with Royal Caribbean

Live life big and save up to 30 per cent on over 150 cruises with Australia’s best cruise line*, Royal Caribbean International.


Spirit’s new makeover

One of Australia’s tourism icons, the Spirit of Tasmania, has had a multimillion dollar makeover. And to celebrate, $75 sailings in September are on offer.


Considering a river cruise?

River cruising is a great way to travel, but what should you consider before you float in a boat? River cruising expert Brian Johnston helps guide you through the muddy waters.


Cruising etiquette

Being confined on a cruise ship with thousands of other travellers makes proper etiquette very important. Jo Hall explains the dos and don’ts when holidaying on the high seas.

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