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What to do if you can't pay a bill

If you are having trouble paying a bill or experiencing ongoing financial difficulty, there's help available.

Seniors Finance

What you'll be paying for electricity in 2024

The Australian Energy Market Commission's residential electricity price trends report has good news for retirees.


Ageing homes responsible for a fifth of Australia's emissions

The biggest challenge to Australia achieving net zero emissions by 2050 could be a lot closer to home than you think.

Finance News

The pandemic has changed the way we feel about energy usage

Australians responded to the pandemic by purchasing large appliances and white goods, but this has increased our interest in reducing energy use.


Products that will save you money

There are so many commonsense purchasing decisions that can save you money, but you still see people wasting money in these areas.

Finance News

Woolworths set to transform Australian shopping forever

Supermarket giant launches new marketplace to become a one-stop online shop.

Seniors Finance

Your household power bills could be 15 per cent cheaper

Evidence from takeover bids for Australia’s last two publicly listed electricity network services companies suggests you are paying more than you should.


Where to get help when you are in debt

If you find yourself in debt and are struggling to pay, there are a number of free services available to help.

Seniors Finance

Would you use a budgeting app?

When it comes to staying on top of your finances, many people these days are ditching paper and spreadsheets in favour of budgeting apps.

Seniors Finance

Dodgy tree loppers are scamming elderly homeowners

Have you had a knock on the door or perhaps a card in your letterbox telling you the trees in your garden are dangerous and need urgent work?


Claiming a charitable tax deduction when you are missing information

Edwina has donated to a drought assistance charity at the supermarket but doesn't know the name of the charity. Can she still claim a deduction?

Seniors Finance

Why the rate of older Aussies with 'younger person debt' has doubled

Student loans are usually only associated with younger people, but the number of people over 60 with this debt has more than doubled in the past five years.

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