Seniors Finance

Clothes shopping mistakes that are costing you money

If you think you are being conned when you are clothes shopping, there is a chance that you could be right.


How public trustees can help you

A state’s public trustee office is designed to be accessible to vulnerable individuals who need help managing their financial or legal affairs.

Seniors Finance

Some COVID financial shocks will last a lifetime, report finds

While for some people COVID-19 came with a financial silver lining, others are suffering potentially lifelong effects, according to a new Brotherhood of St. Laurence report.

Finance News

ATO issues warning for those copying and pasting tax returns

The tax office might have gone easy last year, but don't expect the same treatment with this year's tax returns.

Seniors Finance

Retirees jumping on the ETF bandwagon 

More than 1.3 million Australians have put their money into ETFs. That is double the number of investors since 2019.

Superannuation News

ATO on the lookout for suspicious superannuation activity

Australian Taxation Office assistant commissioner Justin Micale outlines the steps being taken to stop the illegal early release of superannuation.

Health news

Explained: Help with health costs

If you have a chronic illness that is expensive to treat, the Government has a few ways it can help you meet your medical costs.

Superannuation News

That extra you’re about to get in super, most of it will come from you

There's something odd about those television and internet advertisements telling us we are getting more super.

Credit Cards

Six reasons retirees still need good credit

Good credit is important throughout your adult life, including in your later years.


Financial therapy could help with money struggles

Financial therapy or counselling is a practice that looks at our relationship with money and the psychological, behavioural or cognitive beliefs we have around it.

Retirement Planning

The gendered impact of COVID-19

Fitted for Work, an organisation committed to women’s financial and social security, worries that systemic issues exacerbated by COVID-19 are disproportionately affecting women.

Legal & General

Defaulting on a mortgage

A mortgage is one of life’s biggest commitments, and like any big commitment, breaking it can have serious consequences.

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