Seniors Finance

Four coffee machines to avoid purchasing

Consumer group CHOICE names it four lowest-rated coffee machines.

Seniors Finance

The great energy bill pricing gap and why you’re missing out

Three government bodies are saying households should be paying less for energy. So why aren’t your bills going down?

Seniors Finance

How the proposed work test changes could change your retirement

As part of this year's Federal Budget announcement, the government signalled that it would repeal the work test for those aged 67 to 74. What does that mean?

Technology News

Australians are now paying more for mobile plans

Millions of Australian consumers will pay more for their mobile phone plans after recent price increases by all three big telco companies.

Seniors Finance

What do you need to think about before the end of financial year?

The end of the financial year is just around the corner and many people are starting to think about what they can do to maximise their tax return.

Seniors Finance

Biggest consumer rip-offs and how to avoid them

It doesn't take much to avoid overpaying for these outrageously overpriced items.


Divorce after decades of marriage is on the rise

Seven times more Australian spouses have been researching separation during COVID. Why do relationships break down after decades?


Superannuation co-contributions explained

Super co-contributions help eligible people boost their retirement savings.

Finance News

CPA issues simple advice to avoid ‘poking the bear’ this tax time

Leading accounting body warns taxpayers that the ATO is serious about cracking down on tax returns this year.

Seniors Finance

How to stop hiding from your problems and conquer your financial fears

As the end of the financial year rapidly approaches, many people understandably start to get sweaty palms at the prospect of thinking about their finances.

Seniors Finance

Clothes shopping mistakes that are costing you money

If you think you are being conned when you are clothes shopping, there is a chance that you could be right.


How public trustees can help you

A state’s public trustee office is designed to be accessible to vulnerable individuals who need help managing their financial or legal affairs.

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