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Quick health age check

Why not see how healthy you are compared to others your age, based on your lifestyle factors? Both Andrea and Kaye were pleased to find that their health age is lower than their actual age!

Health News

Scare off excess weight

A study produced by the University of Westminster has found that the scarier the movie you watch, the more calories you burn.

Health news

Flu vaccine reduces risk of heart attack

A new study has shown that getting a flu shot may reduce your risk of a major cardiac event, such as heart attack, stroke or cardiac death, by 50 per cent.

Alternative Therapies

Chronic Heartburn – is there a cure?

Traditional Chinese herb extracts are now available to treat heartburn. But what exactly is heartburn and could it be a symptom of cancer?

Health & Ageing

Covering the cost of joint replacement surgery

So you’ve been told you need a hip replacement and, even though you may feel young and healthy, it can be quite a shock to face the reality of such an invasive procedure and the bill which follows.

Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies

Conventional medicine is taking a back seat for many, with unexpected side effects, conflicts with existing medications and the fact that they are simply not working becoming common complaints.

Health News

Plastic causes breast cancer

There is an email going around which claims that plastic food containers cause breast cancer. But how true are the facts in this email? Rachel puts on her 'mythbusters' hat to find out if heating plastic really does cause cancer of any kind.

Health News

New PBS medicines announced

A number of new medicines have been added to the PBS. Find out if yours are included.

Women's Health

Fifty Shades of midlife; Menopause, mood & more

There are many aspects to a woman’s health at midlife, this webcast covers a range of topics.

Health News

Why women live longer

Scientists have finally come up with an answer to this boggling question. Find out why women live longer (and the answer may not be one you expect).

Health & Ageing

Blood pressure for dummies

High blood pressure has no symptoms, and yet it can cause heart attack, stroke, heart failure and kidney disease. Many people do not know what their blood pressure is, or they do not understand the results. To find out if you are at risk, why not read Rachel’s simple guide to blood pressure?

Health News

The dangers of soy

Soy seems to be in everything you consume these days, from bread to supplements to sauces. But is soy really a miracle food, or could it be dangerous to your health?

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