Seniors Travel Insurance

Travelling for the first time

For some, travel only becomes a possibility when they have more time on their hands, such as when they retire. But with the world at your feet, where do you go and how do you get there?

Seniors Travel Insurance

Avoiding travel insurance mistakes

Travel insurance won’t cover everything. A careful review of your policy before you sign should mean you avoid the common mistakes, but what should you be looking for? n

Seniors Travel Insurance

What travel stories do you want?

Too often travellers end up encountering challenges and difficulties which could be easily avoided.

Seniors Travel Insurance

Why you need travel insurance

When you’re booking your trip, travel insurance may seem like just one more expense, but travelling without it could prove even more costly. Here are five reasons you should consider travel insurance.

Seniors Travel Insurance

Planning for the perfect holiday

Get the right travel insurance cover and, when you book online, you can save 10 per cent.

Seniors Travel Insurance

Travel insurance checklist

Even smaller incidents such as lost luggage or missed travel connections can have a disastrous affect on your holiday plans and budget.

Cruising Tips

Travel insurance for cruises

I would like to take my mother on a Carnival Cruise to Mexico and then Las Vegas for 16 days. She has a doctor’s certificate to travel. Can she get insurance and how much would it cost for medical, cancellation and luggage cover? n