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Compensation payments and Centrelink

Often paid as a result of difficult circumstances, compensation payments can seem like a godsend. But, as YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Deborah, has realised, there can be penalties.

Disability Support Pension

Accessibility for seniors

Learning to cope with a disability is challenging at the best of times but in today’s world, there are an abundance of resources out there to help you adapt. From everyday living to getting around, helpful advice is never far away.



Skype is a powerful tool that allows you to video call friends and family all over the world. Webmaster, Drew, explains how to get started.

Age Pension

Will I lose my carer supplement?

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Von is concerned that when she moves to the Age Pension, she will lose her Carer Supplement. Can she opt to continue to receive the Carer Payment instead?

Seniors Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Australians aged 50+

Cover is automatically available to travellers aged less than 86 years when purchasing Comprehensive International and Australia only, giving much needed peace of mind when booking your next trip.

Legal & General

Getting things in order - Power of Attorney

Perhaps you offered to deal with a seemingly simple bureaucratic matter on behalf of a friend or family member, only to discover you have no authority and cannot do a thing. Everyone, regardless of age, needs a Power of Attorney.

Pension eligibility

Age Pension versus Disability Support Pension

YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Ron, currently receives the Disability Support Pension and would like to know if he would be better to switch to the Age Pension when he is eligible?

Seniors Finance

Save your super

The recent share market plunge will have knocked 3 to 5 percent off super fund balances and with Australians on average having four super accounts, this is a large proportion of your retirement income. Now is the time to consider consolidating your superannuation and saving on fees.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Pensions, Payments, Allowances and Tests

Age Pension age for social security purposes is 65 years for men. Women qualify at different ages depending on their date of birth in accordance with the table below so by 2014 the minimum qualifying age for women will also be 65 years.


Good housekeeping for SMSFs

Australia currently boasts around 435,000 Self Managed Super Funds. Martin Murden provides tips on three areas key to keeping your SMSF in good order.


Beware supermarket scams

Recently, Drew found himself the target of a supermarket scam and he’s not been the only one, judging by the number of emails warning of similar incidents.

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