Loneliness in old age

We are happy to present Petra Bensted – a professional photographer who has created a photo essay in order to raise awareness of the loneliness felt by many older Australians.


Noose around aged-care providers’ necks getting tighter

After years of business as usual, the for-profit aged-care sector is increasingly being targeted by the Federal Government for its perceived poor standard of care and alleged tax evasion.


Statistics highlight adult children assaulting parents

Around one-third of assaults against people aged over 65 were committed by their families, with their own children accounting for more than 60 per cent of those cases, analysis of Victorian crime figures shows.


Government’s new laws to improve safety for the elderly

Caregivers for elderly Australians will have to meet stricter guidelines after the Federal Government passed ground-breaking draft legislation this week.


Govt accused of 'hogging' $330m meant for home care

The Federal Government should reveal why “excessive unspent funds” meant for home-care packages are being allowed to accumulate, a seniors advocacy group demanded yesterday.


The three worst booking mistakes you can make

You’ve decided to take a holiday. Now it’s time to start booking. How do you make sure your plans go off without a hitch?


Australians prefer to retire at or before they reach 65

Australians are not willing to turn 70 before retiring, according to YourLifeChoices data that shows fewer than 8 per cent of members will wait to become septuagenarians before hanging up their hats.


Growth is surging, but are retirees missing out?

The Australian economy defied expectations in the first three months of this year to contribute to a strong yearly growth rate of 3.1 per cent, but not everyone is getting a cut of the increase.

Seniors Finance

Super – who gets what?

People tend not to focus on what happens to your super if you die before you retire. So, how can you make sure your family receive your fortune?


Charities find aged-care profits elusive, while shareholders rake it in

While the three listed aged-care providers pocketed a combined $100 million in net profit last year, this week a report claimed that hundreds of nursing homes run by charities are heading towards financial ruin.


The rate of homeless people who are seniors has risen

During the past five years, the rate of Australians aged more than 65 years who have become homeless has grown from 25 in 10,000 people to 27, according to 2016 Census analysis released this week.


The humble lemon could have you looking years younger

Science tells us vitamin C can help your body make collagen and that eating foods rich in this element will increase your body’s ability to manufacture this anti-wrinkle protein.

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