Ten early signs of dementia

How do you know if memory loss and confusion are just signs of getting older or if they’re indicating that something could be wrong? Knowing the warning signs will help you get the support you need.

Seniors Finance

Are businesses prepared for an ageing population?

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s report 'A silver opportunity?' has found a number of interesting discrepancies between the reality of global ageing, company expectations, and preparedness for these changes. Is your business ready for an ageing population?


Nokia Lumia 1320 review

Nokia has emerged as a serious player in the smartphone market over the past year, and Drew reviews their relatively inexpensive big screen smartphone.


Get screened for hepatitis C

‘Baby boomers’ are five times more likely than other adults to have hepatitis C


Fun in a German retirement home

Seniors from a German retirement group have recreated famous movie scenes


What Google can do for you

Offering translation services, videos, news, email, website analytics, the largest advertising network on the internet and many more facilities; it is no wonder Google is changing the lives of ordinary Australians.


Prepaid mobile plan on a budget

YOURLifeChoices member Jacqui’s plan is ceasing in the next two weeks and she needs help finding a pensioner friendly prepaid mobile plan.


New iPhone expected for September

Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone 5s at an event on 10 September as well as a less expensive iPhone named the 5C.


Cunning phone scams on the rise

Margaret was recently contacted by someone claiming to be from the ATO handing out ‘Hardship Grants’. Margaret gathered as much information as she could about the caller and then hung up after identifying the call as a scam. Drew explains how to identify a scam and where to report it.

Age Pension

What are my Age Pension options?

YOURLifeChoices member Barbara isn’t quite ready to finish work yet, but when she is, she wants to know what are her Age Pension options.


Managing internet bookmarks

YOURLifeChoices member George has received a hand-me-down computer from his son filled with ‘bookmarks’. Drew explains how George can delete the current bookmarks and add his favourites.


Google Wallet

A new online payment system with free money transfers.

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