Stopping ‘junk calls’

Drew explains how to stop telemarketers disturbing you


Do I need a camera?

Should Brenda buy a new camera or will her iPhone do the trick?


Best internet browsers

Drew explains why you should consider changing browsers.

Computer Tutorials

Gmail change angers users

Gmail has revamped the way in which users write emails


Do I need smartphone insurance?

Drew explains why you should consider purchasing smartphone insurance and shares the top 10 most unusual and common smartphone insurance claims.


What is your life expectancy?

With three grandparents living longer than 85 years of age, Drew was shocked to learn that, according to a life expectancy calculator, he is only expected to live until just 68. Is this accurate?


3D printers show endless potential

Could this be the greatest invention of the 21st century?

Social Networking

Hashtags coming to Facebook

If you believe the rumour mill, hashtags are just around the corner.


Unmanned drones set for QLD skies

In an Australian first, QLD police plan to use unmanned drones


Google indoor maps

Google has launched indoor maps for 200 locations across the country.

Mobile Phones

Telcos on notice

New rules to clear up comparison misinformation for consumers.

Computer Tutorials

Hotmail switches to Outlook

The world’s most popular email client of the past 10 years was recently overtaken by Gmail and has reacted by forcing clients to change to the new look Outlook client. Drew explains what this means and shares some handy shortcuts.

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