There’s no expiration date on sex

According to 72-year-old ‘sexpert’ Joan Price, “there’s no expiration date on sex”, and older adults just need a slight attitude adjustment to get back in between the sheets.


Which ‘chronotype’ are you?

A new book explores the best times to engage in activities, such as sex and sleep, based on your biological clock, or ‘chronotype’. So, which chronotype applies to you?


How to cope with painful sex

Painful sex: it’s experienced by one-in-five women and a topic that women want to know more about, but for many it’s too embarrassing to bring up. It's time to talk.


Aged care and the sexual revolution

Sex and aged care. It’s not a subject often spoken about, but older Australians, along with industry professionals, believe the need for sexual intimacy in aged care is a basic human right that’s being neglected.


Share housework, have more sex

Want to know the secret to having more sex? Well, according to new research, it may be as simple as picking up a washcloth, sweeping the porch or taking out the bins more often.


He said, she said …

Leon and Amelia weigh in on the recent dethroning of Miss Great Britain after she, contrary to an agreement with the Miss Great Britain organisation, had sex on reality television.


A woman’s sexual journey

Whether you have a partner or not, whether you want a partner or not, whether you’re a younger, midlife or older woman – you’re on a sexual journey. So what is that journey?

The world’s sexiest places

Instagram is a fun social media platform that provides a snapshot of the lives of people around the globe. It’s also recently been used by researchers to discover which countries are the sexiest.

Men's Health

The pitfalls of using ED meds

ED meds have been hailed as a miracle for men who often fail to rise to the occasion, but the truth is they do have their pitfalls, and they won’t magically fix your sex life either.


Cleo’s demise signals the end of an era

Many Australian women may be mourning the loss of the iconic magazine Cleo, but there are a tonne of Aussie blokes who also owe a debt of gratitude to this pioneering publication.


Let’s talk about sex over 60

Are you happy to talk about sex, romance, relationships and sexual health? If so, and you’re over 60, then perhaps you would like to share your views.

Men's Health

What men want

Bettina Arndt sheds light on the often misunderstood nature of male sexuality. We ask Bettina if the differences in what men and women want can ever be reconciled.

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