Why does share market performance matter in retirement?

Making sure you’re comfortable with your level of investment risk has been a vital lesson of the COVID-19 pandemic. Challenger explains the impact – and how to minimise it.


What the experts say about the coronavirus and your nest egg

What super fund experts say about the impact of the coronavirus on your retirement plans.

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Noel Whittaker tells what you need to know before choosing shares

Personal finance guru Noel Whittaker has updated his book, Making Money Made Simple. He shares this extract on shares with YourLifeChoices members.


Share market losses dilute returns for super funds

The news just keeps getting worse for superannuation savings with yesterday’s stock market slide taking an axe to company share prices, compounding October’s three per cent decline.


Market slide cost some super members $3300

Retirees who hung up their hat this month were up to $3300 poorer due to to the stock market slide, SuperRatings said yesterday.


Share trading is expected to start stronger today

The Australian share market should bring some relief to superannuation funds today as it is expected to open higher this morning.


Share losses no reason for super members to panic

Australians contemplating retiring this year should not press the panic button over the rout on local and overseas shares this week, leading financial experts have told YourLifeChoices.

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Learn on ASX virtual share market for free to win $2000

Stock market operator Australian Securities Exchange can teach you just about everything you need to know about share trading for free with a chance to win $2000.

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Picking your timing when playing the share market

The stock market functions to deliver or strip value from shares precisely because many traders cannot get their deal timing right.


What will happen to your super?

Australia’s share market has lost $56 billion in value, and as the majority of super funds are invested in shares, this spells trouble for Australians looking to retire soon.