Online thieves are targeting elderly Australians more than ever

Criminals are scamming older Australians at a higher rate than the rest of the community and the ACCC warns that this is their peak season.

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Why you must check the health of companies issuing gift cards

CHOICE warns consumers after major retailer says its cards will cover only half the purchase price.


Retail therapy post COVID

With the to-do list of household chores knocked over during lockdown, what now? Dianne Motton reacquaints herself with … shopping!

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Christmas shoppers reveal their priorities

In the rush for turkey, ham, cheese and pavlovas, here's what supermarket shoppers say they are focusing on.


Fake supermarket offer scams thousands

Free food box offer attracts flurry of attention before Facebook acts.

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Read this before buying candles for Christmas

Gary Mortimer, Queensland University of Technology and Jana Bowden, Macquarie University Christmas marks a peak in consumerism across the West. Despite the COVID downturn, this…


Supermarkets urged to stop promoting unhealthy foods

Promotion of junk foods and comfort foods, particularly in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas, is encouraging poor dietary habits, says a new report.

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Aussies plan to proactively support these businesses on Black Friday

New research reveals nearly four in five Australian shoppers will proactively support small businesses in their recovery in the next 12 months, by spending with them rather than with big businesses.

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Pandemic rises for online shopping; buy now pay later may stick

Australians have embraced online shopping during the pandemic, and many of them won’t be going back to visiting stores.

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Why identical online products can cost you more than your neighbour

Consumer advocate CHOICE reveals that only one in four Australians is aware he or she may be subject to differential pricing when shopping online.

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Coles’ big haul outshone by meat-free and plant-based performance

Aussie shoppers have voted on their picks for the best products of 2020, and it seems plant-based and vegetarian choices are making big waves in this year’s awards.

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Dissatisfied customers leave $3b in goods at the checkout because …

Dissatisfied customers leave $3b in goods at the checkout because …

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