Finance News

Men's underwear sales can tell us a lot about the economy

It's called the 'undies index' and it can predict the ups and downs of the economy.

Online Shopping

Get money back next time you shop online

If the past 12 months have seen you embrace online shopping, wait until you discover you can get money back for the privilege.

Finance News

What you've been buying at the supermarket in 2021

Supermarket sales data reveals the items you've been buying in 2021.


Retailers warn against last minute Christmas shopping

Retailers warn against last minute Christmas shopping as COVID-19 restrictions are limiting imports.

Finance News

Prices ending in 99 don't fool consumers, may backfire on sellers

New research reveals price tickets ending in 99 don't fool consumers into thinking a product is less expensive and may backfire on sellers.

Seniors savings & discounts

Save big bucks on last-minute Father's Day shopping

Save up to 30 per cent on Father's Day shopping and get a $20 sign-up bonus with this special offer from ShopBack.


Supermarket strategies that get you spending

Are you aware of the supermarket strategies aimed at encouraging you to buy much more than the items on your shopping list?

Online Shopping

COVID-19 accelerates online and instore shopping shift

The pandemic pushes many Australians into changing the way they shop for groceries and that's how it's going to stay, say experts.

Seniors Finance

Up to 70% off and 30% cashback in major Aussie retailers' mega sale

Afterpay Day sales offer shoppers 70 per cent off a range of goods and ShopBack is offering 30 per cent cashback on purchases made with reputable sellers.

Finance News

Supermarkets start a price war and a new player takes aim at the giants

Coles and Woolworths start a price war, grocery sales take a hit in the cities but increase in regional locations and a new retailer takes aim at the bigger players.


Supermarket tip that could save you thousands each year

With a little flexibility and a bit of spontaneity, here's how to shave thousands off your annual grocery bill.


Aussie supermarkets named and shamed as junk food pushers

Aussie supermarkets have been 'red-flagged' for unethical promotion of unhealthy foods and drinks, and for being a major driver of Australia's obesity epidemic.

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