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How to use Skype

Skype is a handy service that allows users to call family and friends and have face-to-face conversations via the internet.

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Keep in touch while away

If you are planning to be away over the Christmas period, Andrea has three suggestions for keeping in touch via social media.

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How to video chat

Calling someone overseas or when you are travelling can be expensive. Drew explains how to lower your communication costs by using video chat.

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Connecting through communication

catch up with everyone, whether they live on the other side of the world or just the other side of your home town. Thankfully there are a number of different ways you can still share this special time of year with your friends and family.


Google+ Hangouts

A recent addition to the range of free online products offered by Google is their web based video conferencing software Google+ Hangouts. Drew explains why Google+ Hangouts offers a better user experience than Skype.



Skype is a powerful tool that allows you to video call friends and family all over the world. Webmaster, Drew, explains how to get started.