Health News

Study confirms early bedtimes improve health for this group

A study shows diabetics who go to bed early are more likely to be healthier and more physically active compared to night owls.


Could a weighted blanket help you sleep better?

If you’ve been struggling to sleep but don’t want to make medication, this may be the solution. Weighted blankets have been shown to help with insomnia, anxiety, restless leg syndrome, autism and ADHD-related sleep problems.

Health & Ageing

How age could be affecting your sleep

Pharmacist Emmanuel Vavoulas explains why sleep issues become more common as we age, how to recognise more serious problems and what you can do about them.


10 ways to increase your energy

Are you feeling tired, sluggish, fatigued or simply disinterested in things that used to excite you? These 10 tips will help to boost your energy and reclaim your get-up-and-go.


How sleep plays a vital role in mental resilience

A study of pandemic sleep patterns reveals that 46 per cent of respondents have experienced poor sleep quality – up from 25 per cent of people before the coronavirus.

Mental Health

The pros and cons of being a night owl

As Robbie Williams reveals, he’s most productive after 1am. Sleep experts explain the effects that staying up late could have on your body and mind.


The three pillars of wellbeing that can increase longevity

So many of the choices we make that can improve our mental and physical wellbeing in the present are actually things that will improve our longevity.


Explaining weird dreams in lockdown

If you’ve been having intense dreams, you're not alone. A sleep expert gives us some answers.


Is sleeping in separate beds good for your relationship?

Experts reveal how separate beds can be a good move for couples – especially if one snores.


What bad sleep does to your skin

A facial expert explains what happens to your skin while you’re sleeping.


Struggling to sleep? Six ways to ease insomnia naturally

Poor sleep is bad news for our moods and health. Experts share their top tips for better sleep health.


How to sleep next to a snorer

Sleeping next to a loud snorer? A sleep expert offers some simple tweaks that might mean you, and the snorer, can get a better night’s sleep.

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