Health news

Could your phone help to prevent blindness and glaucoma?

Usually, we think of smartphones and the blue light that they emit as causing damage to our eye, but a new study reveals they could be used to prevent severe eye disease.


Smartphone symbols explained

Do you ever notice new symbols appearing on your smartphone or tablet’s status bar and have no idea what they mean? This quick guide will answer your questions.

Brain Training

Best apps for an active brain

Exercising your mind is as vital as exercising your body. These free brain game apps will help to improve your memory, reflexes and problem-solving skills.


Selling your devices

Upgrading your technology is great, but how do you protect your info on your old devices when you sell them or give them away?


How to make your phone dumb

Your phone is designed to take your attention at every opportunity, but there are ways to fight back and make your time your own again.


FaceTime for beginners

Is there a better way to share a relaxed conversation with friends and family than FaceTime?


Who is calling you from that number?

Constantly receiving calls from numbers you don’t know? Drew explains how to find out who is calling you and, if needed, how to block them.

Mobile Phones

Beware of ‘juice jacking’

Have you ever used a public charging station to charge your mobile phone when it runs out of battery?


Is your smartphone secure?

Apple forced to release statement addressing iOS security concerns.

Secure Access

Spyware apps could violate laws

Readily available consumer spyware products potentially violate a range of Australian laws relating to harassment, stalking, identity theft and fraud.


Need a break? Avoid your phone

Study finds that using a smartphone can lead to mental depletion and poor performance.

Safety Online

Should I use Apple Pay?

Paul is receiving prompts to use payment apps, but are they safe?

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