Best apps for busting boredom

For those occasions when you’ve got time up your sleeve and twiddling your thumbs won’t quite cut it, here are our favourite time-wasting apps for smartphones.


How to check your smartphone’s data usage

If you’ve ever used more smartphone data than you should have, you’ll know how expensive it can be when the bill comes in. Here’s a simple tip to track your usage and prevent bill shock.


Why you need to replace your iPhone battery

After years of speculation and rumours, Apple has confirmed that it slows down the speed of older iPhones to prevent sudden shutdowns by degraded batteries.


Travel Gadget: An app that will snag you super cheap flights

This handy app tracks the cheapest available flights on the internet, cutting out the legwork (or fingerwork) required to research cut-rate fares.

Banking & Investment

Why you should never bank with your smartphone

Unless you are using the app of a reputable institution, you probably should not be using your mobile phone to make financial transactions. Not all banks have the same level of security for smartphones.


Hitting the road? Don’t leave home without …

With spring in the air, the season of road trips and camping is almost upon us. Make the most of your adventures with these handy, free smartphone apps.


Is it safe to charge your smartphone or tablet in public?

Have you ever charged your device using a public USB port? New research has revealed that smartphones can be compromised in as little as three minutes.


How the ‘Yes’ campaign secured your number for an SMS

Across the weekend, millions of Australians received text messages calling on them to vote ‘Yes’ in the marriage equality survey, with many questioning how their numbers were obtained.


Tech Q&A: Backing up two different iPhones

Robert has an old iPhone that he uses for music and a newer model as his regular phone, and he asks if there will be any problems backing up two different devices.


Why your smartphone storage is filling up so fast

If you feel like storage on your smartphone is filling up faster than it used to, you could be onto something. A new study shows apps are getting bigger and the latest tech is struggling to keep up.


Free apps are great, but if you’re not paying, what’s the catch?

When you download popular apps, you could be giving companies permission to a lot more than you think.


This phone case will make your device nearly indestructible

Whether you have some extreme tourism planned, or you’re ready to admit that you’re clumsy with your phone - this case can make your phone virtually indestructible.

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