Concerns remain over technical shortfalls of COVIDSafe app

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network has issues with how public education about the COVIDSafe app could hamper its functionality.


How to keep your phone sanitised and coronavirus free

Your phone touches everything, and then makes direct contact with your face, so you want to keep it as clean as you can.

Mobile Phones

New measures to fight mobile number fraud

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is stepping up its fight against mobile number fraud.


Technology breakthrough set to transform smartphones

Flexible, transparent touchscreens could soon move from sci-fi to reality after a multi-institutional team showed that the material can be produced.


Mobile phone and broadband prices continue to drop

Average real prices for mobile phone services dropped by 6.6 per cent during the past year, while fixed broadband prices fell by 1.5 per cent.

Health news

Smartphone behaviour linked to increased road death rates

A new study finds that texting while walking compromises pedestrian safety. But you probably already knew that, didn’t you?


Blocking numbers on smartphones

We have all been bombarded with calls by companies, telemarketers or even debt collectors. Instead of panicking when receiving these calls, you can now simply block the number.

Mental Health

How to deal with smartphone stress

There’s an increasing body of research that shows smartphones can interfere with our sleep, productivity, mental health and impulse control.


Drones and smartphones can save older Australians from falls

Drones, smartphones and sensors could provide a lifeline to the world’s growing elderly population who are at risk of falls.


Worst apps for draining your phone battery

One of the most common complaints from smartphone users is how fast they run out of juice. These apps are the worst culprits for draining the life from your battery.


Is China installing surveillance apps on tourists’ smartphones?

A joint investigation has revealed that a ‘spy app’ is installed on the smartphones of travellers who cross the border between Xinjiang and Kyrgyzstan.


This is why you should always switch your phone to flight mode

An Aer Lingus passenger learns the hard way why you should always switch your phone to flight mode when you fly. Same goes for cruisers.

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