Mobile Phones

How does cold weather affect your smartphone’s battery life?

Have you noticed that the battery life on your smartphone isn’t lasting as long as usual? It could be caused by the cooler weather, but there are solutions available.


Apple and Google want you to use your smartphone less

Have these tech giants had a change of heart, or are they merely responding to bad press about overuse of smartphones and technology?


Apple reveals new low-cost plan to tackle hearing loss

The company that revolutionised the mobile phone market is set to do the same for hearing aids.


Apple launches effort to stop Facebook tracking users

Facebook’s ability to automatically track web users comes under attack.


ACCC to investigate how Google uses your data

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is investigating Google, after claims that the tech giant is using customers’ data plans to secretly track their movements.


Are your devices getting slower with age?

Dealing with a device that has consistently slowed down the longer you’ve had it? There may be a simple reason behind this slowdown and even a quick fix to the issue.


The benefits of turning off your device

Every device, whether smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer, has a limited lifespan. You may be shortening the lifespan of your devices without even knowing it.


Prynt Pocket is an instant camera in your pocket

Remember the old Polaroid thrill of seeing your photos come to life in your hand? How would you like to have an instant camera in your pocket? Well, with Prynt Pocket you can!


Travel Gadget: unlimited fast, secure wifi wherever you go

While many like to go on holiday to get away from the everyday, some are sticklers for staying connected. The latter are bound to fall in love with this unlimited global wifi device.


Huawei Mate Pro 10 surpasses Apple’s iPhone as world’s best seller

A new Chinese smartphone has just overtaken Apple as the world’s best-selling smartphone and it’s not too hard to see why.


How your iPhone could save your life

You may have heard people say “oh my iPhone is a lifesaver”, but you may not be aware that, with a few taps, your iPhone could literally save your life one day.


Internet, mobile phone complaints go through the roof

Complaints about landline phones, mobile phones and internet services increased by 41.1 per cent in the last financial year.

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