Superannuation essentials

What is superannuation? How does it work? How can I find lost super? We share the history of super and why it's so important for your future.


Millennials being blamed for global stock market volatility

Millennials going ‘mad on stocks’ could actually put the market at risk, say leading money experts.


How Aussies could have saved retirement savings smashed by COVID-19

The Australian superannuation sector has just experienced their worst quarter on record, and many Australians are wondering why trustees did not automatically de-risk in the lead-up to the COVID-19 crisis.

Age Pension

Retirees could face financial ruin due to COVID-19 crisis

Retirees who were living off reliable income streams based on interest rates and dividends are now facing financial ruin.

Banking & Investment

Strategist links personality to investment success

The chief market strategist for CMC Markets said there is no one-size-fits-all approach to investing, but, rather, a certain attitude one must have to curry favour with the money gods.

Seniors Finance

ASIC issues warnings for those considering SMSFs

ASIC has warned Australian investors considering establishing their own self-managed superannuation funds to be wary of the pitfalls.

Age Pension

Are our retirement savings set up to best advantage?

Troy wants to ensure his retirement income is set up to provide the best lifestyle and flexibility and asks personal finance specialist Noel Whittaker for guidance.


Is an SMSF right for you?

An expert guide to deciding whether an SMSF is right for you and the steps involved in getting one started.

Seniors Finance

Can Gordon’s retirement plan deliver lifestyle he wants?

Gordon aims to retire in three years and has a plan that he hopes will allow him and his wife to manage their retirement. He asks personal finance guru Noel Whittaker for his thoughts.


Considering an SMSF? Here’s what you need to know

SMSF Association policy adviser Franco Morelli explains what you need to know when considering setting up a self-managed super fund.

Federal Government

New political party for retirees

The constantly changing framework surrounding self-managed super funds has caused one industry expert to set up his own political party.


Boost your super by understanding how it works

Keen to maximise the value of your super? You must understand the basics first. Olga Galacho explains what you need to know.

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