ASIC urges super fund safeguards to protect nest eggs

ASIC urges new rules for self-managed funds to protect consumers and their retirement nest eggs.


ATO warns of super scammers targeting retirement savings

Workers are being targeted by scammers encouraging them to illegally access their retirement savings.


The super fund that wants tougher regulations for the industry

Real Estate Industry Super has called for stricter controls on the establishment of self-managed superannuation funds with small account balances.


Less red tape, greater flexibility in new super rules

Greater flexibility and less red tape touted as key reasons behind the Federal Government’s decision to expand the number of members allowed in a self-managed super fund.


Stop SMSFs gambling with their super, says expert

With a big number of SMSFs borrowing to invest in property, experts warn that urgent reform is required.


Super funds in default mode outperform SMSF

If you’re in the group that takes a less-than-intense interest in where your superannuation is parked, you can take comfort from a new report.


Superannuation savings being targeted by organised crime gangs

Organised crime gangs are increasingly targeting the retirement savings of older Australians through complex methods such as personal identity theft and electronic hacking.


Take control of your super without a self-managed super fund

Some people prefer to be hands on with their own money and while a self-managed super fund (SMSF) may give you the control that you want, it’s not the only option.


SMSF: can you really afford to have one?

Self managed super funds (SMSFs) are often seen as a means to having more control over your retirement savings. By selecting and managing your own investments, you’re bound to make the right decisions – correct? Well for some people, SMSFs work well, particularly if there is business or real property to be invested. But for a growing number, an underestimation of how much time and money it actually takes to manage an SMSF in accordance with the rules has led to many winding up their SMSFs. n n

Finance News

An SMSF – is it too late?

Our no-nonsense planner Maurice Patane answers Anne’s question of whether it’s too late to consider an SMSF.

Banking & Investment

Adding microcaps to your SMSF

Microcaps might be an interesting asset class to look at for those investors wishing to diversify their portfolio. Here are five reasons why.


Starting a pension from an SMSF

Barry has decided the time is right to retire but he’s unsure of the process when it comes to advising his SMSF.

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