Keep your Facebook account secure

Did you know that over half of Australia’s population has a Facebook account? Not surprising then that the site is a target for cyber crime. How do you keep your account secure?

Tutorials / How To

How to turn off Facebook emails

Is your email inbox always filling up with unnecessary messages from Facebook? Find out how to turn off annoying notification emails and declutter your inbox.


How to tackle internet trolls

From name-calling and ridicule to abuse and torment, internet trolls can make life miserable for online users. Here's our guide to tackling trolls.


Five tips to protect online privacy

We all take the internet and social media for granted, unfortunately so do cyber criminals. These five tips will help to ensure that you and your friends stay safe online.


Five things never to post online

Sharing may be caring, but not when it’s done online. Before you write your next online musing, consider these five things you should never post on social media.


Facebook to filter fake news

You’d be forgiven for thinking all that you read in the news and on social media is borne of legitimate sources, but some of it is ‘fake news’ and we may soon be seeing less of it. n


ATO stalking your social media

The Australian Tax Office is the first in a line of Federal Government departments to employ a team of data-mining specialists to monitor your social media. So, what are they looking for?


My dad is Twitter mad

Carol is all for her father staying abreast of technology, but she thinks his Twitter obsession has gone too far. Jo Lamble helps her navigate the social media minefield with her father.

Safety Online

How to protect your digital life

Every year the number of website hackings increases. If you’re worried about your online security, here are five steps to safeguard your digital life.


Do you believe everything you read?

Australians are falling for fake news reports online and social media commentators say this is likely to have consequences when it comes to future Australian elections.


Have we forgotten how to connect?

We may recognise the importance of relationships when it comes to wellbeing and happiness but, according to a recent survey, we’re too distracted to properly engage with people.


The best way to make calls overseas

Staying connected when you’re overseas can be a costly exercise. But by using the right app and shirking international phone calls, Leon managed to stay in touch for next to nothing.

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