Media release no one read

The office of the Immigration Minister received a copy of the ‘badly worded’ Operation Fortitude press release, but no one read the missive that sparked outrage.


Virtual kidnapping of photos

A disturbing new internet trend could have people thinking twice before posting photos of their children and grandchildren online for the world to admire.


Instagram filters explained

Instagram is a fun way to share your favourite photos with your friends and family. Knowing when to use the right filter can turn your photo into a work of art.

Social Networking

Why join Twitter?

Twitter is an easy, low-maintenance way to keep up with the latest social trends, breaking news, celebrity gossip and industry developments. So, how do you get started?


Benedict Cumberbatch engaged

Best known for his role in the television series, Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch has shunned the celebrity style for making important announcements by social media, instead choosing an old-fashioned ad in The Times to let the world know he’s engaged.


Queens first tweet

Queen Elizabeth II has posted her first tweet


We don’t care when you overshare

The social media phenomenon is still going strong and the public’s fascination with the minutiae of media personalities lives has not waned.


Social media blamed for celebrity death

Celebrity Charlotte Dawson, who had long fought the battle against depression, was found dead in her Sydney apartment on Saturday.

Social Networking

Getting started with Bitstrips

Goofy personalised one-panel digital cartoons called Bitstrips have taken Facebook news feeds by storm. Drew explains how to get started.

Social Networking

Beginner’s Guide to Twitter

Feel that you are missing out on the so-called Twitter revolution – but no idea where to start? Simply follow Drew’s simple instructions to make your voice heard…


Take a social networking vacation

New research has revealed online users are taking social network vacations

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