Solo Travel

Only serving solo travellers

Tour company exclusively dedicated to celebrating solo travellers has already launched the world first river cruise for solo travellers only and plans to add even more solo travel experiences to its repertoire.

Solo Travel

Why are more Aussies travelling solo?

A new report reveals what motivates Aussies to travel alone – and what stops them from stepping out solo.


Best river cruises for singles

Paulette wants to know if there are any river cruises that offer single cabins.


Cheap destinations for solo travel

When you are travelling alone, a safe and affordable destination is a must. Here is our list of some of the best places to go to enjoy solo travel.

Cruise Deals

Solo cruising made affordable

Coral Expeditions is expanding its solo traveller program with a range of new options and offers that cater for contemporary solo travellers.


No single supplement?

European Waterways is celebrating the record bookings by waiving the single supplement fee on more than 40 departures in 2019.


Travel companies for singles?

Pauline is ready to try her hand at solo travel but wants to know where to look for help.


Best destinations for solo travellers

Australians travel alone for many different reasons: their partner may not be keen on travelling; they don’t have anyone to travel with, or they simply choose to be on their own.


Ten rules for travelling alone

While travelling alone can bring wonderful rewards, there are some things you need to know before heading off to ensure you stay safe and get the most out of your solo adventure.


Saving money on solo travel

Maggie wants to travel alone next year but is afraid she won’t have enough money to spoil herself. So, she’s asked Leon for some tips on saving money on solo travel.


How travel makes us stronger

If only fearful, travel-shy types could be persuaded that they will likely grow in character and self-confidence when they roam away from home.


Be a tourist in your hometown

You don’t need thousands, hundreds, or even tens of dollars to have a fun travel experience. There’s so much to see and do that you may not have known about in your own home town.

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