How much is enough?

Rule of thumb takes the guesswork out of retirement

John De Ravin, retired actuary and co-creator of the ‘rule of thumb’, explains the spending-in-retirement formula and how it applies to YourLifeChoices tribes.

How much is enough?

Boosting confidence in retirement

Do you know how much you can ‘safely’ spend in retirement? Accurium (part of the Challenger group) can calculate with a degree of confidence the spending your savings can safely support.


Knowledge is power in juggling your spending in retirement

Will you spend more in retirement than during your working life? Will your spending change as you age? Janelle Ward presents the research.


What you told us about retirement affordability

YourLifeChoices members generously participate in numerous surveys each year. These yield valuable information about the state of retirement – the pressure points, the fears, the true essentials for a comfortable retirement.

Retirement Income

What we wish we knew about retirement

There seem to be many questions without answers for retirees and pre-retirees, writes Janelle Ward.

Retirement Income

The living costs that could hurt your retirement

Australia Institute senior economist Matt Grudnoff dusts off the crystal ball to help you budget for a 20 to 30-year-plus retirement.

Household Capital

Why retirees are too conservative with their spending

There’s been a body of research and a number of articles to suggest retirees are too conservative with their spending, particularly in the early years of retirement.

Health news

Government spends more on health but out-of-pocket costs spiralling

The Government spent $7485 per person on health costs in 2017-18, but out-of-pocket costs for patients have been labelled ‘a serious concern’.


Spending patterns in retirement a confusing issue

Retiree spending patterns are a pivotal part of planning, yet there is confusion as to what actually happens in retirement.


Aussies spend $1.6 billion per year on ‘secret purchases’

Millions of Aussies are guilty of secret spending – hiding purchases from partners to the tune of around $588 per month.


Top tips to help you save on household spending

Inflation may be low, but there are still regular price rises in everyday goods and services. Here’s how you can make the most of every dollar.

Living in retirement

Are retirees being frugal or struggling to survive?

Two research bodies believe that most Australian retirees, including those on Age Pensions, are being unnecessarily frugal. YourLifeChoices takes a different view.

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