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Mum and dad investors a ‘train wreck waiting to happen’: ASIC

New and returned stock market ‘players’ were buying up big in the early months of the pandemic as super funds were selling hard, prompting fears their lack of experience may prove costly.


What COVID-19 taught us about investing for retirement income

Financial services executive Jeremy Duffield pits the ‘Bears’ against the ‘Goldilocks’ to see whose savings perform the best.

Banking & Investment

How to protect your portfolio when the market turns nasty

Could we have foreseen the devastating effects of COVID-19? Could we have prepared better? Financial analyst Russell Markham tells how he weathers such storms.


Retirees warned to prepare for new assets test

Last year, we experienced considerable volatility in the stock market, with the All Ordinaries Accumulation Index down two per cent for the 12 months.


Warren Buffett’s winning ways with retirement income

Few investors have been able to match the success of veteran stock picker Warren Buffett, earning him the moniker of the Oracle of Omaha. We reveal his four top investment tips for retirement income.


Superannuation – no escaping the share market link

Former federal treasurer Peter Costello has taken a shot at our superannuation system, suggesting governments need to focus more on where super is invested.


Global debt explained

Global finance has been a hot topic ever since the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, but trying to work out what it all means can be a challenge. The latest term being thrown around is global debt, and the sharp stock market falls across North American and Europe have pushed the issue to the front page.