Brides who wore mini dresses

From Audrey Hepburn to Cindy Crawford, here are seven celebrities who shunned the traditional full-length gown.


Stylewatch: Reinventing op shop discards

With a little ingenuity, Eva Winger shows how to create stylish outfits from the ‘last chance’ bin.


Style: Looks that wouldn’t be the same without a brooch

Don’t relegate brooches to the realms of your great aunt! Here’s how you can use these beautiful and underrated accessories to lift a dull outfit.


The `70s trends we can’t believe are back – and those we still love

Flares, jumpsuits, big furs, big glasses, big hair – `70s styles that are back in fashion and some that will never be revived.


The elegant tomboy: unpacking Lauren Hutton’s style

Never over the top with her fashion choices, model and actor Lauren Hutton achieves that balance between chic and snazzy.


Be brave and inject some colour into your winter wardrobe

Forget about basic black and boring beige, add colour to a dull winter day – in lockdown for some – and boost your mood.


‘Dress the way you want, not how you’re expected to dress’

Fashionista Fidelma throws out the rule book when she dresses and says you should too.


Why white pants are a wardrobe staple

Crisp white jeans or chinos can take you almost anywhere, says style guru Rebecca O’Hearn.


Five ways to totally transform your basic white shirt

Your lifestyle might be changing during these challenging times, but a standard white shirt is a wardrobe must and it’s so easy to transform.


Memorable royal wedding dresses through the ages

Let’s face it – the gowns are often the star of the show. We look through the archives to find some of the best royal wedding dresses in history.


The art of getting more from your wardrobe

Beauty and fashion queen Rebecca O’Hearn tells how to get the most out of a tired wardrobe.


Are you guilty as charged of these beauty 'sins'?

Blue eyeshadow, hair mascara and fake tan – where the quest for ‘beauty’ took us as over the decades.

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