The elegant tomboy: unpacking Lauren Hutton’s style

Never over the top with her fashion choices, model and actor Lauren Hutton achieves that balance between chic and snazzy.


Be brave and inject some colour into your winter wardrobe

Forget about basic black and boring beige, add colour to a dull winter day – in lockdown for some – and boost your mood.


Street style: lush layered winter neutrals

Winter is all about layers – so you can peel them off as the day warms up and then pop them back on when the weather changes.


‘Dress the way you want, not how you’re expected to dress’

Fashionista Fidelma throws out the rule book when she dresses and says you should too.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

How to 'dress slimmer'

YourLifeChoices members have been enjoying Rebecca O’Hearn’s great styling tips for several months. Today, she totally nails it by sharing ways we can ‘dress slimmer’ to disguise any COVID lockdown bulges. And she also gives Deeksie invaluable feedback on his bri-nylon Gloweave shirt!


Why white pants are a wardrobe staple

Crisp white jeans or chinos can take you almost anywhere, says style guru Rebecca O’Hearn.


How to style a vest: winter layering 101

Dressing for winter, in many parts of the country, is all about layering. And the vest is queen, writes style guru Rebecca O’Hearn.


Five ways to totally transform your basic white shirt

Your lifestyle might be changing during these challenging times, but a standard white shirt is a wardrobe must and it’s so easy to transform.


Style icons who defined the fashion of a decade

From Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s to Kim Kardashian in the 2010s, these are the women whose style summed up an era.


Andie McDowell proves age is no barrier to style

At 61, Andie knows how to dress it up – and down – and shows orange can be for everyone.


When your skin changes, so should your make-up

Should you be using a cream or a powder and does that answer change with age? How to deal with hot flushes and make-up longevity? And how to combat pesky pigmentation? A make-up expert has the answers.


How to look good in bed – Peta plays the pyjama game

Peta Rooney plays the pyjama game with options for him and her and for every budget.

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