Packing tricks for simpler travel

Make packing your suitcase for your next holiday a breeze. These travel packing tricks will have you packing lighter and smarter.


You need to see this new suitcase

Suitcases are in use every day and, despite the addition of a few mod cons, have remained largely unchanged. Until now, that is …


Travel: five wacky gadgets that are actually quite ingenious

Trouble fitting shoes into your suitcase? Running late for a flight? These problems and more have been solved by some brilliant brains with these wacky but wonderful travel gadgets.


The best suitcase for travelling

Whether you only travel on the odd occasion or consider yourself quite the international jetsetter, your luggage can either make or, quite literally, break your trip.


How to pack your suitcase

Don’t arrive at your destination with crumpled clothes, just watch this video on how to pack your suitcase to optimise space and avoid having to iron everything when you get there.

Travel News

Which luggage is right for you?

Travellers only had two choices when it came to luggage in the past – a backpack or a suitcase. But there are now many more options available, so which is right for you?