Super access age increase proposed

The Productivity Commission has found that $7 billion a year could be saved from 2055 by increasing to 65 the age at which Australians can access their super.


No Budget changes to super

With just three weeks until the 2015/16 Federal Budget, changes to superannuation have been ruled out, despite calls for generous tax concessions for the wealthy to be scrapped.

Retirement Planning

Your essential guide to super

Superannuation is probably the financial product that people least understand. Our quick guide will help you to understand your super better.


Sneaky super fees explained

Julie is outraged that she is expected to pay additional fees through her super to fund the ‘fixing’ of the system. But has she been given the correct information?


Early access to superannuation

Following last week’s ‘fall off your chair’ Intergenerational Report, Joe Hockey has suggested that young people should be able to access their super early to buy a home.

Finance News

Three super investment options

Looking forward to retiring? Unfortunately, many of those for whom retirement is near face a retirement shortfall. To help close the gap, it’s time to get savvy with your super.


Superannuation update #1 2014

The 10-year returns are impressive, but is your fund one of the best performers?

Finance News

New MySuper accounts

A new type of low fee super account will be available from 1 July

Mortgage & home Loans

Can I use super to pay my mortgage?

YOURLifeChoices member Tony is trying to reduce his debt by paying off some of his mortgage with funds from his super. Craig Hall of NICRI advises if this is possible.

Age Pension

Allocated pension merger

Craig Hall of the National Information Centre for Retirement Investments INC (NICRI) has some advice for member Cecilia about the merging of her allocated penision provider with another provider.


Australian super funds rebound

While the rest of the world seems to be losing its head financially, Australia still seems to be keeping on the straight and narrow, especially when it comes to the performance of our super funds. Super Ratings Jeff Bresnahan sheds some light on our super performance.

Work Resources

What Next Your Career Change Companion - New Tricks

Old stereotypes die hard. And none die harder than the cliché of the old fogey worker – a bald headed cardie clad grumpy old man hopeless at technology and new systems, desperately clinging to the job he’s held for decades. In the past older workers were the first to go during a credit squeeze.

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