Super funds on track for double digits return for 2021

As the end of the year approaches, super funds look set to deliver stunning returns.

Centrelink News

When does super count as an asset?

Anne is confused as to why her superannuation counts as an asset.

Retirement Planning

Are you retiring with more than you need?

Most people are worried about running out of money in retirement, but could this lead to you retiring with more money than you need?


Super changes that started on Monday could cost you $300k

The government's superannuation stapling scheme started on Monday, but there were warnings the system could cost some employees dearly.

Retirement Affordability Index

The big three retirement risks (and how to protect yourself against them)

Does your retirement income plan - or lack of a plan - keep you awake at night? These may be the key flaws.


Super funds warned about millions spent on sponsorships, perks

Funds asked to please explain over free tickets, hospitality and sponsored sports teams.


Are you being stung by your super clinging to junk cover?

Super Consumers Australia names and shames the fund still offering junk insurance terms.

Superannuation News

Super may not be reaching your bank, find out how to get it back

Is your employer paying you the right amount of superannuation?


Super funds want to provide pension eligibility advice

The Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees has called for an expansion of the type of advice they are allowed to provide to members.

Estate planning & wills

What happens to your super when you die?

Investment and retirement specialist Andrew Wilson explains how to minimise tax in a superannuation death benefit.


The pandemic stock market mistake that cost Aussies thousands

How panicking during 2020 caused thousands of Aussies to ruin their super returns.

Retirement Income

Federal government super fund proposal a 'slush fund', say critics

Liberal MP Andrew Bragg reignites the debate on the creation of a 'nationalised' superannuation fund.

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