MySuper explained

MySuper – the fund employers select when you don’t choose a fund – has been around for almost two years, but do you know how it works? Craig Hall explains more.

Retirement Income

Lump sum or pension?

It’s the question that many pre-retirees and retirees discuss constantly. But there’s no definitive answer. Choosing whether to take your super savings as a lump sum or pension depends on your individual situation.

Protecting you and your family

If you have a young family who relies on you, it’s important to ask how they’d cope if you were struck down by a sudden accident or illness.


Your preferred Budget policies

Generous super concessions remain the greatest bugbear amongst YourLifeChoices members. Two thirds of the 3500, 2015 Budget Submission survey respondents would rather the government curb excessive tax concessions for wealthy Australians rather than alter the part Age Pension taper rate, which reduces pension payments based on personal asset levels.


Super tax breaks policy

The Labor party is proposing a change to the contentious super tax breaks largely enjoyed by wealthier Australians.

Retirement Planning

Your essential guide to super

Superannuation is probably the financial product that people least understand. Our quick guide will help you to understand your super better.


Sneaky super fees explained

Julie is outraged that she is expected to pay additional fees through her super to fund the ‘fixing’ of the system. But has she been given the correct information?


An end of tax breaks for the rich?

In a rare show of bipartisan support, Labor has offered to support the cash-strapped Liberals in a crackdown on the superannuation incomes of the super rich.

Age Pension

An end to indexation uncertainty?

ACOSS recommendations call for a review of eligibility for a part Age Pension, rather than changing the pension indexation method.


Lump sum superannuation to end

Australians entering retirement may be prevented from taking their superannuation in a lump sum and will instead have it made available to them in a self-funded ‘pension’.


Best apps for budgeting

Creating a budget is the best way to take control of your finances. And there are many budgeting and personal finance apps that can make it easy for you to do just that.


Early access to superannuation

Following last week’s ‘fall off your chair’ Intergenerational Report, Joe Hockey has suggested that young people should be able to access their super early to buy a home.

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