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A supplement that can reduce mortality?

Researchers find joint pain supplement has a welcome benefit.


Getting enough vitamin D

Researchers are investigating whether vitamin D can help guard against COVID-19, but should you be taking supplements? If so, which form is best?

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Brain supplements that really work

With so many so-called brain supplements available, including curcumin, omega-3, vitamin B, caffeine, ginkgo biloba, ginseng and vitamin E, it can be difficult to tell the fact from the fiction.


Best and worst supplements

Taking vitamins makes us think we’re doing something good for our health, but are we? Supplements such as multivitamins, fibre, joint supplements, probiotics, and vitamin C and D are popular, but you may be surprised to find out which ones help, and which ones harm.

Health news

These supplements ‘a waste of money’

Thirty per cent of adult Australians have a vitamin D deficiency, yet review debunks mass use of supplements.


Are fish oil claims a bit fishy?

Despite new findings, the jury is still out on whether omega-3 supplements reduce heart attacks.

Health news

Are supplements worth buying?

Nutritionist Catherine Saxelby says it’s best to obtain our nutrients from food, not pills. So are supplements worth buying? This is her advice.


The danger of dietary supplements

If you’re one of the 75 per cent of Australians taking supplements to improve your health, a new investigation has found that you’re being misled – and even placing yourself in serious danger.


Best supplements for osteoporosis

Our physiotherapist expert Jason Lee answers Anne’s question about the best supplements to take for osteoporosis. In particular, she wants to know whether calcium tablets help.


Supplements that prevent dementia

Results of a recent study show that a combination of natural supplements may drastically reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s.


Can you afford your healthcare?

You probably don’t think you shell out your hard-earned dollars for something you don’t use. Think again. As consumers, Australians contribute almost one in every five dollars spent on healthcare.

Alternative Therapies

Are supplements a sham?

A CHOICE study questions the efficacy of complementary medicines and supplements, with questions also arising as to whether they should be recommended by pharmacists.

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