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Complementary medicines don’t work: AMA

A CHOICE study questions the efficacy of complementary medicines and supplements, with questions also arising as to whether they should be recommended by pharmacists.


Foods that are better than multivitamins

Forget spending a small fortune on multivitamins. By eating more of these foods, you’ll not only be healthier, you’ll also save money on unnecessary supplements.

Save $20 on vitamins

Grab a voucher from Australian NaturalCare.

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Nutritional supplements demystified

The sheer number of supplements on the market can be overwhelming


Busting prostate cancer myths

There’s a lot of confusion about prostate cancer. To help you learn more, here are three common myths and their scientifically-based rebuttals, courtesy of Science Daily and the US-based Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

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Calcium supplements increase heart attack risk

A study published in the online issue of the journal Heart has shown that taking calcium supplements may increase your risk of heart attack.

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Do weight loss supplements work?

Do weight loss supplements work or are they a waste of time? Find out if your magic pills are worth the money or if they are doing you and your wallet harm.

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